Waco ISD Board of Directors Passes Anti-Racism Resolution in Response to Critical Texas Racial Theory Bill | Education


“In the absence of greater clarity, we are concerned that some teachers may find it necessary to avoid discussions about current events, race or gender altogether. … It seems that, in a rush to score political points, the Legislature hasn’t really given a thought to what that would look like in practice in a classroom, ”DeBeer said.

The legislative session ends Monday, and although the bill suffered a procedural blow by Democrats on Friday that made its passage unlikely, Republican senators revived the bill in the evening and it “now appears to be back. on track to reach Gov. Greg Abbott’s office for approval, “The Texas Tribune reported Friday night.

DeBeer said the first section of the bill, which outlines some documents and topics the state board of education must include in the state’s curriculum, is not the issue.

He said in an interview on Friday that the rest of the bill is worded so loosely that clashes between teachers and parents over what would be considered “controversial issues” under his rules seem inevitable. Any class discussion about the role of racism in shaping the world may become too difficult to continue, and teachers may have to leave students’ questions about current events unanswered.

Another part of the bill would prohibit schools from requiring employees “to undergo training, counseling or therapy that exhibits any form of racial or gender stereotyping or blame on the basis of race or gender.”

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