Waco Habitat for Humanity has offered $436 million to Amazon co-founder

WACO, Texas – In recent years, housing costs in McLennan County have increased exponentially.

Meanwhile, however, wages for many households have not increased, making it difficult for families to afford a place to call home.

However, philanthropist and co-founder of Amazon, MacKenzie Scott, aims to put an end to these difficulties.

Through a charitable donation, she plans to give back to Habitat for Humanity, Habitat for Humanity International and 83 US Habitat affiliates.

The total donation will be approximately $436 million in unlimited use by Scott herself.

Of this grand total, the Waco Chapter will receive $1 million.

“Our goal is to leverage funds with local donations so we can make affordable housing available to more families in our community,” said John Alexander, executive director of Waco Habitat for Humanity.

“Our biggest challenge right now is finding affordable land where we can build houses,

“This donation will help us meet this challenge.”

Many families helped by Waco Habitat for Humanity have incomes that cannot keep pace with rising housing costs.

To combat this, he now has a housing program that gives these families zero-interest mortgages.

An opportunity that for many of them will be their first shot at buying a home at an affordable price as possible.

This significant donation will also give the organizations a greater chance of realizing their vision.

A vision of a society where everyone has equitable access to “safe, decent and affordable” housing.

Habitat of Humanity International intends to use its $25 million to fight systemic racism in housing.

This agenda will include initiatives and other efforts to dismantle said inequality by advocating for policies and legislation that will provide affordable housing for millions of people.

The organization will also organize a campaign that will invest heavily in communities of color.

“Habitat is about breaking down barriers and bringing people together – to break down barriers and build a world where everyone, no matter who we are or where we come from, has a decent place to live,” said the CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, Jonathan Reckford.

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