QB recruits to follow college football coaching carousel

It has been said since September.

By the time USC relieved Clay Helton, the 2021 college football coaching carousel was going to be unforgettable. Many programs have followed the example of the Trojans by letting their leader go before the season’s final whistle, sparking more speculation, the doubling of the hot contenders staying put and any other dominoes to consider.

Seven Power 5 jobs remain open heading into Rivalry Weekend, the final regular season window on the calendar. This means that more chaos is on the way, which of course has a lasting impact on recruiting. Texas Tech’s quick hiring of Joey McGuire immediately paid off on the track as USC lost all of its major engagements except one.

Even breaking it down at the game’s most important position on the court, and there are more dominoes about to drop with ripple effects felt throughout P5 – and beyond.

Five quarterback rookies, in particular, will help tell the story of how the 2022 cycle recruiting class will end.

Devin Brun

The most suitable for this functionality is the most recent on the market. After a record-breaking 2021 season at Draper, Utah, Corner Canyon High School, where interest in his game skyrocketed despite a long-term commitment to USC, Brown announced Wednesday night a withdrawal from the Trojan program. The elder has expressed a desire to play for the program, but unknowns about the next head coach have allowed Ohio State, Texas, Ole Miss and others to bring him to campus lately.

Brown will sign when the early signing period opens on December 15, and as the nation’s most coveted unengaged quarterback, many college coaches will be heading to his school in Utah or even his home when the period. contact will open on Sunday. Don’t rule out USC in the end, depending on hiring, but success spreading to OSU, Ole Miss, and potentially under Sarkisian in Texas are the most likely scenarios up to this point. The Buckeyes and Rebels do not yet have a passer on the entry list.

Walker howard

Similar to Brown, LSU’s long-standing commitment has expressed a desire to stick with the program, but not without due diligence just in case. Notre Dame received it on campus recently and Ole Miss also made an effort to be in the race for senior services on signing day. Research in Baton Rouge appears to be more open than most, with speculation going back and forth between Lincoln Riley and Matt Campbell most. The feeling is that something could happen quickly enough in a sneak race to be the first of the best perceived jobs (LSU, Florida, USC) to be filled.

Nick evers

If there’s one QB engaged in a school transitioning more solid to the program than tied to the head coach, it’s Evers in Florida. When the decision to quit Dan Mullen became public on Sunday, the Texan acknowledged his commitment to the program beyond his coaching staff or athletics all together.

“While I hope to have a role with # ChosenFew22, so my verbal commitment, it would be unwise not to understand the options until a new coach is appointed,” Evers tweeted on Sunday. “I chose Florida for so many reasons other than football and these are still largely in place. I love Gator Nation and want to be here – I hope the new staff have the same love for me and my family!”

But like Brown and Howard, programs have been trying to reach him since before Mullen’s fate was sealed. Evers had an exceptional 2021 season after a small group race at the Elite 11 in the summer, prompting Notre Dame, TCU and others to try and gain ground with their camp. The strength of the Gator brand resonates well out of state with Evers’ word as well as the commitment of fellow SI99 member Chris McClellan, who jumped into this week.

Landry Lydie

As the carousel spins, it affects all levels and runs in every direction. Established Power 5 names like the aforementioned will potentially be poached while Group of Five engagements like Lyddy could potentially serve as ones to come back to. SI loved his first impression of the Louisianan in the spring and backed it up as a senior at Shreveport (La.) Calvary Baptist Academy with garish production.

Lyddy has become one of only three passers in state history to throw more than 50 touchdowns in a season and he is poised to become the fifth to cross the 4,000-yard mark in a single campaign. The reigning state champion preferred to repeat in 2021, Lyddy is a true leader on the soccer field with his precision, decision-making and distribution skills. Louisiana Tech would be fortunate to keep its promise, as communication with other programs is likely to resume sooner rather than later.

Sion turner

Beyond Brown, there aren’t many unengaged quarterbacks that turn heads at the end of the round, but when it comes to winning, double-threat talent and a cap. scheming, Turner thinks of filtering through the carousel for something tangible soon. Armed with the first scholarship offers from Texas A&M, Miami, Kentucky and others, The Fort Lauderdale, FL St. Thomas Aquinas senior played a level of competition as strong as any passer in the country with a tangible success.

Turner can throw an attack from the pocket, extend play with his legs and push the ball to the third level, often keeping his best performances for when most are in play. The 6’2 “, 200-pound athlete has led the Raider charge for back-to-back state championships and is in the driver’s seat for a third to close his career. As jobs fill and programs shed hotter names to bigger jobs , Turner could be the guy to be the latest addition to a class and compete for playing time anyway. Two jobs are currently open in his native Florida and many eyes are on the local Miami Hurricanes to potentially become the next, so the transition staff won’t have to look away at the eleventh hour.

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