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AUSTIN, Texas, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – NeuFit®, a provider of advanced neuromuscular treatments for patients and athletes, will offer its physiotherapy services on a sliding scale for people in Austin to Friday, October 22, 2021 their West Lake Headquarter.

The goal of Pay What You Can Day is to help more people get rid of pain from surgery or injury quickly so they can start doing what they want again. like to do.

During 30-minute rehabilitation sessions, patients will first be evaluated by a NeuFit physiotherapist who will perform a series of muscle tests followed by a non-invasive scanning process to identify the exact source of a patient’s pain. The physiotherapist will then work with the patient to alter neurological patterns and re-educate the body to function optimally. After overcoming all movement restrictions, patients will be able to experience greater mobility without pain.

NeuFit uses a neuro-electrical stimulation device called Neubie®. The device is part of a comprehensive methodology to help patients recover from accidents, injuries and surgeries, as well as athletes seeking peak performance, called the NeuFit Method. It was developed by Garrett Saltpeter, neuroscientist and engineer and his team at NeuFit. Salpeter recently published a book on his research and use of the Neubie device, The NeuFit method, unleash the power of the nervous system for faster healing and optimal performance.

“We see the powerful impact of neuroelectric stimulation on our patients every day in our clinic,” said Salpeter. “Physiotherapists who have added the Neubie device to their practice also report similar results. delighted to bring the NeuFit method to so many people in Austin who suffer from pain as possible. “

Clinicians were able to use the Neubie Method and the NeuFit Method to help patients recover from many problems such as plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, back pain, neck pain, tennis elbow, arthritis, chronic pain, hamstring tension, swelling and more.

Pay What You Can Day will be available all day on 22 october. Sessions can be booked by calling NeuFit’s head office at 512-225-6909.

About NeuFit

Situated at Austin, Texas, NeuFit is a healthcare company focused on the link between neurology and fitness. It is dedicated to the treatment of athletes and patients in the achievement of effective rehabilitation, lasting fitness and improvement in overall health. The company has worked with thousands of patients recovering from neurological conditions, chronic pain and sports injuries, including professional athletes, sports teams and universities. The company operates its own clinic at its international headquarters in Austin where he uses the Neufit Method to improve rehabilitation and fitness for a wide range of patients and clients. For more details regarding NeuFit and the Neubie device, please visit Neubie® and NeuFit® are registered trademarks of NeuFit.

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