Matthew Dowd drops campaign for Texas lieutenant governor

In a statement, Dowd said he “doesn’t want to be the one standing in the way of the most diversity we need in politics.” He was running as a Democrat.

Currently the representative of the State of Texas. Michelle beckley and Mike Collier are also running as Democrats. Dowd said a “diverse field is emerging” for primary.

Dowd originally announced his campaign in September. In his video announces, he declared, the current lieutenant-governor Dan Patrick “does not believe in the common good”.

Patrick is a candidate re-election as a Republican. In his statement, Dowd said he would work to help defeat Patrick in the next election in 2022.

“I am not giving up politics,” Dowd said in a statement. “I will continue to speak about democracy and help elect servant leaders with common sense and common decency who believe in the common good, from top to bottom of the ballot, in Texas and across the country.”

Dowd has said he will turn his committee of campaign nominees into a vehicle to support those who “serve the public with integrity.” He said he would provide more details on his next steps in 2022.


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