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Donald Trump wanted Hillary Clinton in jail so badly that he wanted the Russians to intervene. Now that he’s being investigated for fraud, pushing the big lie while losing to Joe Biden, I’d say he’s locking up!

He claimed that Clinton had lost thousands of emails. Now that the Jan. 6 committee has discovered that he illegally moved numerous boxes of top-secret information to his new home in Florida after losing the election to President Biden, he could go to jail. The list goes on and on, including asking his cronies to defy subpoenas, for which any ordinary citizen of this country would be immediately dragged before a judge.

Trump never intended to lead this country to be better, but to enrich his family and the swamp around him. But, we should be so grateful that he took his swamp with him because now President Joe Biden has started healing America.

The remaining enemies who follow Mr. Trump will eventually fade away and democracy will once again be respected around the world. It’s already started, when Mr. Putin showed respect to President Joe.

Attorneys general have been investigating Trump over his taxes, inflated real estate appraisals to get bigger loans and more.

With everything going against Trump for mishandling almost everything, including tricking election officials into giving him the electoral votes to steal the election from him, including demanding insurrection in our nation’s capital, the walls close in on him. The prison walls are waiting for him and he may really be going there. As Leon Jaworsky, special prosecutor investigating Nixon, instilled in his sons, “No one, absolutely no one, is above the law.” That’s what America is; Nazism will never be allowed. God bless America.

Oscar Garza

palm view

A new


Those who represent the major institutions of society have taken the plunge.

In their public statements about our form of government, they talk about everything else under the sun except the most important article and law of the American Constitution, that which establishes the sheriff in America. For 245 years the sheriff was the legislative branch, but today that fact is routinely left out of discussion.

Our leaders are not as smart as we think, or not as good as we think. When the sheriff is no longer the representative of the people, the new sheriff becomes the one who wants him most. And whoever wants the most always turns out to be a big buck. The big bucks have the most to gain, the most to lose, and the most means to advance their interests.

The big bucks fear and hate the people, who once held the power in our democracy. But we must remember that it is the ordinary people who have made the nation great, not the billionaires.

Kimball Shinkoskey

wooden cross, utah

Joe Biden

is not a tyrant

In response to Kimball Shinkoskey’s letter about President Biden being a bully (March 10), I must have missed the new definition of bully; I always thought the bully was the one trying to take something that wasn’t theirs.

The war in Ukraine started when Russia decided that Ukraine was part of Russia and was going to take it away from the Ukrainian people. At no time did President Biden attempt to bring Ukraine into NATO; his position has been that it should be up to NATO and the Ukrainian people, not Russia.

When Russia began the invasion, the United States and other countries took steps to help the Ukrainian people fight the invaders with weapons and moral support. At no time did President Biden advocate the involvement of American forces.

He did everything he could to punish Putin for his actions. Personally, I agree with most of the things he has done.

The bully is Putin, trying to impose his will on another country. Comparing the tactic to the 2020 presidential election would imply that the war was somehow a conspiracy by President Biden to gain political advantage. This takes conspiracy theory to a whole new level. Someone explain to me how President Biden convinced Putin to invade Ukraine so the Democrats could win.

Final Thought: Putin deciding Ukraine is part of Russia is the same as Mexico deciding Texas and New Mexico are part of Mexico and invading to take them back. At one time they were part of Mexico, so they should always be.

Roger Hyer


Biden did

rich greedy

There are those who blame inflation solely on the greed of the rich. It’s entirely possible that greed had something to do with it, and it’s possible that the wealthy are partially to blame. My question is, how come the rich have only gotten greedy since Biden took office?

Jose C. Coronado


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