Killeen opens veteran-owned ax thrower franchise

KILLEEN, Texas – A Killeen-based nonprofit is set to open its first franchise as part of its veterans employment program.

Operation Phantom Assistance is a non-profit organization in Killeen dedicated to assisting active duty military personnel, veterans and first responders.

Its Veterans for Jobs program is where “Ax Money” comes in.

“We get them with a franchise,” said John Valentine, founder and CEO of Operation Phantom Support. “They work and run this franchise for about two years until we pay off the investment. Then we give them 60 percent of the business and they own 60 percent.

Ax Monkey Killeen launches the franchise component of the program. Needless to say, this came with some bumps in the financial road.

“We thought we had set up funding but it failed,” Valentine said, “so I had to go out and get personal loans from some friends and my investors had to go back and get some more money. silver. Then we encountered time constraints and other issues during construction. “

US Army veteran Zachary Smiley can’t believe his dream of owning a franchise is finally coming true.

“I didn’t think I would ever have this opportunity to work as a manager for this location and possibly own one at Waco next year or a year and a half,” Smiley said. “So that’s very exciting.”

Now the grand opening is January 22, but Ax Monkey Killeen will have a smooth opening in early January.

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