Hypocritical voices in the conversation about the anti-abortion law in Texas


Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Cynthia M. Allen is wasting no time congratulating herself and other like-minded Texans on the success of Texas’ new anti-abortion law. She sings: “But today, [the new law] will save the lives of approximately 150 children in Texas. “

Never mind that this law places targets on the backs of frightened and desperate women. Never mind that this law turns citizens into vigilant bounty hunters. The law persecutes women, all women. However, the hardest hit are women of few means who find themselves helpless, desperate and without options. They are very likely to be young and poor, regardless of their skin color.

Allen says the new law has already saved more than 100 lives. I wonder if she’s ready to follow the stories in the lives of these 100+ children. She would like us all to believe that those reluctant expectant moms have changed their minds and will happily welcome these babies into their lives (notice the graphics of the playgrounds and the happy, laughing youngsters). The reality is so much darker.

What about the countless numbers of unborn children living in poverty and / or abusive households? Who will come to their aid? What about children already stuck in the mix of child protection services of foster homes, group homes, residential centers and juvenile detention?

Satisfied with themselves and devoid of empathy, the work of these saviors is accomplished once the baby is born.

Perhaps the ultimate irony is that there are pro-former President Donald Trump anti-vaccines among this same anti-abortion faction. This group seems to want both. They agree to regulate a woman’s reproductive system and her right to choose, but ask them to get vaccinated during a pandemic for public health purposes and their cry is “My body. My choice”.

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