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Brittany Bree asked the four coaches of “The Voice” to turn their chairs for her in Monday’s episode.

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Texas mother Brittany Bree had never performed outside of her church, but that didn’t stop her from dazzling the four coaches on Monday’s episode of “The Voice.”

Bree, from Dallas, chose the four coaches after they each turned their chairs while performing “Call Out My Name” by The Weeknd.

That left the mother-of-two with a tough decision – one that only a few other “The Voice” contestants have faced this season.

Bree said she had never played any genre of music other than gospel. She started singing in her church at the age of 5 and became a worship and worship leader at the age of 16.

“I actually challenge myself to make different types of music, to create and create my own,” she said before her performance.

John Legend and Ariana Grande simultaneously turned their chairs for Bree when she entered the chorus of her song. When she crescendoed, Kelly Clarkson quickly followed.

Blake Shelton walked into the party when he turned his chair to the right as Bree finished the song.

“You are amazing. I loved your voice, I really enjoyed your tone,” said Grande. “I loved your tracks, their fullness, the soul, the texture. I think intention is really important and I think every choice you made has added so much emotional value and I think that’s really important for an artist.

Legend, who has a gospel background like Bree, said the Texan singer’s voice grabbed him and his voice exploded on stage. He predicted that Bree would go far on the show.

Likewise, Clarkson said Bree has what it takes to be in the season finale. She called Bree “such a great storyteller.”

Bree ultimately chose to join the Legend team, celebrating with a usual “Legend” dress.

“This is my first time singing outside of church … and you absolutely did it” The legend said on Twitter.

Bree said her life changed after giving birth to her two daughters. She works on an assembly line and has a second job as an assistant trimmer. She called playing on “The Voice” her first big break.

She was the sixth contender this season to have all four coaches turn their chairs for her. Bree is one of four candidates from Texas to advance to the next round, joining Clint Sherman, Jershika Maple and KJ Jennings.

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