Austin singer promotes career after performing “American Idol”


Austin, Texas – An Austin singer is garnering attention online for showing off her talent.

Kya Monee is a 19-year-old R&B singer who has been singing on the mic since the age of four. Today, Monee is taking her career to the next level after some videos of her song have been talked about on social media.

“When I started TikTok, I only had 20 subscribers,” she said. “Now I have almost 300,000 people. ”

She said she loved to sing since she was inspired by her American Idol.

“Seeing them move on the stage, they have different places to sing,” she said. “When I studied Jennifer Hudson, saw all she did and watched Fantasia in ‘American Idol’, I was like, ‘I want to play because Fantasia is playing.'”

Hudson and Fantasia were contestants for the third season of “American Idol,” which Fantasia went on to win. She was a bit young to see them first, but Monnie was inspired by their later career, which began with Hudson’s performance in the movie “Dreamgirls”. After studying Hudson and Fantasia idol races, she finally took her own photos on the idol stage.

“I saw Fantasia, so that’s what I accomplished,” she said. “When she went there, she was 19 years old. When I went there I was 19 so just having it gave me confidence.

Monnie won this golden ticket, just like her previous idol. It’s a feat that requires a lot of talent in itself. Sadly, she couldn’t achieve this until Hudson or Fantasia, and the disappointment was only exacerbated by the deaths of her best friends and supporters. But because of it, she said she still finds the power to advance her career.

“Music is my healing. It helps me heal, ”she said. “Thanks to the music, I got over it and wrote my feelings down on paper.”

She wants to share those feelings with the general public as soon as she starts releasing her new album with Austin’s Tap Out Records label. Follow her @ 0fficialkyamonee on TikTok and Instagram for more information.

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