Arizona fight in four-set loss to No.1 Texas


AUSTIN, Texas – The Wildcats lost 3-1 to the Longhorns in a four-set battle. Arizona’s victory in the second set was the first time Texas have given up a set to a visiting team in Austin this season.

“We were very competitive against the top ranked team tonight,” said the head coach Dave rubio. “I was proud of the fact that we gave them everything they had, and it was a big step for the growth of our team. The midfielders had a great night and I love what we do offensively with Emery herman direct the offense. “

Set 1 | Arizona – 21, Texas – 25

The Longhorns won the opening set 25-20. Arizona served a team of four aces in the set and hit three blocks to slow the Texas offense. Jaelyn Hodge had three kills and two of Arizona’s four aces in the set.

Set 2 | Arizona – 25, Texas – 16

Arizona won the second set to tie the game at 1-1. The Wildcats reached 0.387 in the set, which helped them tie the game. Hodge had six wins and Sofia Maldonado Diaz and Puk stubbe each had three kills to fuel the Wildcats on offense. Merle Weidt had three kills, including the winning kill of the set. Arizona are the first team to win a set against Texas in Austin this season.

Series 3 | Arizona – 22, Texas – 25

The Wildcats kept their momentum going in the third set, but Texas managed to beat Arizona to take a 2-1 lead in the game. Maldonado Diaz led the Wildcats with four kills in the third set and Emery herman served as Arizona’s fifth game ace.

Series 4 | Arizona – 22, Texas – 25

Arizona continued to pressure Texas with an aggressive attack in the final set. Hodge had five eliminations in the set, extending his double-digit elimination streak to seven games. Herman led the Wildcats offensively with 38 kills in the game.

Match leaders

Kill : Jaelyn Hodge – 16
Assists: Emery herman – 38
Excavations: Kamaile Hiapo – 14
Blocks: Zyonna Fellows – 3

Arizona will face Notre Dame for the first time in program history Saturday at 11:00 a.m. MST in Austin.

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