3 women seen in surveillance video abducting toddler are charged


Surveillance video from a motel in Garland, Texas showed three women entering and then taking a toddler from a mother. Police then charged the three women after being taken into custody.

According to the Garland Police Department, they immediately arrested one of the three women following a traffic stop when they found the toddler. The toddler was reportedly kidnapped on Sunday, October 17. A few days later, one of the two women not yet arrested surrendered. Authorities then arrested the third woman.

Surveillance video shows how the event unfolded

According to Houston Chronicle, the 20-month-old male toddler was staying with his mother in a motel. The area surveillance camera showed the three women arriving in the motel parking lot and then waiting for the motel to be opened from inside. Once the door was opened, the three women immediately entered and allegedly knocked on the door to the mother’s accommodation. After the mother opened the door, the three women entered and overpowered her, so they managed to grab the toddler.

They were later spotted by the surveillance camera coming out of the motel with the toddler. They rushed to the vehicle. The toddler’s mother then pursued them but could no longer have her child. She then removed the license plate from the car and called the authorities.

Image credit: WFAA / YouTube screenshot

Police stop a vehicle at the traffic stop

After being alerted, the police carried out a traffic stop and stopped a vehicle that matched the license plate the mother had obtained. Police say they found an 11-year-old and the missing toddler inside. The driver, named Lashonda Price, was arrested and charged with kidnapping. His deposit is $ 20,000.

The second suspect, Romeisha Brown, surrendered on Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning, the third suspect, Kemberly William, was arrested at a motel. The two also face kidnapping charges.

The cause of the alleged kidnapping is unclear, but police believe the suspects knew the mother.

Police praise mother’s quick wit

ABC 13 reported that authorities praised the mother of the kidnapped child for thinking quickly. ABC 13 quoted Lt. Pedro Barineau of the Garland Police Department as saying, “She did the best thing she could have done and grabbed the license plate on the front of the car. And I don’t really know how she got out… Mom’s strength. It was one of those things when her baby was taken, and she was going to do whatever she could.

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